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I feel like I’ve been in a different city every week … actually, that’s pretty accurate. Between Scottsdale, Raleigh, and now Gatlinburg all in the month of November I am pretty much a travel guru. Well, that may not be true but I do know a few things: 1) As dumb as you think you look, always bring a neck pillow 2) Make friends with the people next to you and 3)  You need to own good luggage. Attention readers: If you in your mid-20s or older, it’s time to invest. Good luggage can take you places (literally) and you want pieces that are reliable and withstand use & time. That being said, I want all of those things… and I want it to be cute. There is nothing worse than having to check every single black roller on the carousel thinking that it’s yours. Today, I rounded up my favorite cute & affordable travel luggage options. You can click on the images above to be taken to them directly.

Alright readers, what is your best travel tip? 


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