Do These 3 Things To Ease Back Into A Fitness Routine

Let’s be real, who doesn’t have some version of “be healthier”, “lose weight” or “get stronger” on their New Year’s Resolution list. Well, the bad news is that writing it on your list is the easy part. The hard part is actually getting off the couch and doing something. When you haven’t exercised in a while, getting started is tough. Here are some tips to get you back into the fitness game:


Going at it alone is a recipe for disaster (unless you are like super self-motivated). I find that doing a program helps hold you accountable, and bonus points if you have a penalty for cancellations. Programs like ClassPass can help you find classes that interest you even if you aren’t a fan of traditional fitness studios. I’ve gone to dance classes, yoga surfing classes, even a drumming class with weighted “ripsticks” There are so many creative options to sweat it out! If studio life isn’t for you, then you can go about it with an online program. You can find some of my favorite FREE online programs over at this post.


One of the biggest mistakes I made in my many failed attempts of completing a fitness program was picking unrealistic options. I likely can’t do the same thing 6 days a week for an hour at a time. What I can do is 30 minutes for 3x a week and supplement that with other workouts like a HITT or Pilates. There are so many programs out there, do the research and find something that suits your lifestyle. Prepare yourself for any lifestyle changes that need to happen for you to be successful. Do you need gym equipment? Get a membership or purchase equipment for your home. Find a place to workout and a time that suits your schedule. Remember, everyone’s schedules are different so plans need to fit into your world – not the other way around. 

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You know that feeling when you work out so hard; you need two days for your body to recover? That’s not the right way to dive into your fitness plan. Start easy so you feel empowered and accomplished instead of burned out and overwhelmed. Always start your workouts with some cardio to get your heart rate up. You can walk for 30 seconds and jog for 30 seconds until you hit a mile or just follow a beginner’s plan online. The goal should be consistency, not quick results!

Whatever you decide to do, remember that slow and steady is truly the way to go. A rule of thumb is that it takes 1 month for you to notice changes, 2 months for your close friends and family, and 3 months for others – keep at it and stay committed. Being healthy is a lifestyle (yes, I know that’s cheesy – but it’s the truth) and you’ll feel so accomplished when you work it into your life. 

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