I graduated from college 8 years ago (wow!) and found that my ever-active lifestyle between my dance team, classes, and extracurriculars were replaced with a long drive to work, sitting for 9 hours a day, and then an even longer drive home. After my day, I would just want to curl up on the couch and watch TV and needless to say, my sedimentary lifestyle caught up with me. I gained weight, was slower, sluggish, and just didn’t feel my best. I joined a gym with my then-boyfriend (now husband) and we tried to hang out and work out together a few times a week, but honestly I hated it. 

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself still struggling to find the motivation to work out. I knew I hated the gym, and group fitness seemed like an ineffective use of my time, plus I got bored so easily. I wanted to get in and get out as soon as possible. Two years ago, I got an email in my inbox about a new service called ClassPass coming to Atlanta in January of 2015 and if I would want to try it out for a month. I thought what the heck, I just moved into the city and what do I have to loose. After the first week, I was hooked. 

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Enough about how I got here, being on ClassPass opened my eyes to a world of workouts that I didn’t have to hate. Even the ones I didn’t love, I just got through it with 1 hour each week and then didn’t have to worry about it for another week. I tried spin, barre, pilates, yoga, TRX, HIIT training, mega reformers, and even found a way to start dancing again. The endless variety of studios is perfect for someone like me who gets bored so easily and needs to mix it up. So that’s exactly what I do. 

Unfortunately, Classpass has changed their business model a number of times and therefore I’ve had to change my regime accordingly. When I first used the service it was $65 for an unlimited membership. That number has since almost doubled in cost (I now pay $99 a month) for 70 “credits” and classes in my area range from “8-10” credits for the most part. I used to train exclusively on Classpass, but with the limited number of classes now – I reserve those classes for me & Sahir time. While I wish they didn’t keep changing their model – I will continue to use the service until it doesn’t make sense. Right now, we are able to do about 8 classes a month so it comes out to around $13 a class which is still worth it for us.

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I workout ~5 times a week and every week is different. As far as classes go here are some of our favorites: Barry’s Bootcamp, Fit9, Sculpthouse, Soul Cycle, Flywheel, Stellar Bodies, and Solid Core. I supplement this with usually a lunchtime workout for about 45 minutes with a combination of cardio + Blogilates training, 3 times a week. 

We usually do do 2 days of strength training, 2 days of cardio, and at least 1 day of a mix of cardio & strength (HITT). The fun part is that this can mean anything! Strength day can be barre, pilates, weight training, or the mega reformer. Cardio day can mean spin (I have 4 favorite studios), dance, or boxing. Mix days are the ones that hurt the most, this is usually a half running/half weight training class like Barry’s or Blast (OTF-like).

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Classpass did change their business model a few months ago to allow you to only purchase a plan for 10 classes a month, with an option to buy more. As someone who has spent the last 2 years on the unlimited plan, this is a tough blow, but now I supplement my CP regime with a gym membership at my work and do the Blogilates -and more recently- the BBG workout 3x a week after running a mile. 


As I mentioned before, Classpass is $99 a month. I pay an additional $35 a month for my work gym membership and $0.99 cents for the monthly Blogilates app. All and all, I pay about $136 for fitness expenses and I find it completely worth the price. Working fitness into my life has actually been life-changing. [bctt tweet=”My husband has been on CP with me for 3 months now and replacing dinner dates with workout dates has been one of the best things for our relationship.” username=”@SimplySabrina”]

There are ways to hold yourself accountable like taking a photo whenever you are at the gym, using a fitness tracker like a Fitbit or Apple watch, and getting your friends to sign up. You shouldn’t hate to exercise if you still don’t love your workout keep looking. The goal is to sweat every day, that’s it. Continue to shock your body and keep things interesting!

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