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Years ago, I started following a sweet girl named Sydney who blogged at The Daybook. She did a series every Thursday called “Awkward & Awesome” where she shared moments from her week. It was candid, funny, and a great way to hear about what was going on in one of my favorite blogger’s lives. Feeling inspired, I decided to launch my very own Awkward & Awesome series. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


– Apparently MSG is bad for you or something, but every Tuesday [when my husband is away playing basketball] I have a standing order with my neighborhood Chinese restaurant for a large hot & sour soup to go. I swear they keep it ready for me.

– Trying to photograph for blog pictures in the nightmare that was Atlanta weather for the past ten days. Wanna know what shooting in pitch black rain looks like? Nah, you don’t.

– Watching behind-the-scenes footage of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, while eating straight out of the jar from Talenti Gelato. Haven’t tried it? You need to.


– Have you even been to La Madeline? Have you ever been to heaven? They are pretty much the same. One of my best friends got me into this place and I’m obsessed with a few of there recipes. So much so, that I bought the bottled Blackberry jam this weekend. Who knew I even liked Blackberry?

– Last night I wasn’t feeling a full meal for dinner, Sahir unexpectedly got out our big ‘Owl Always Love You’ mugs and made me homemade hot chocolate while I watched Big Bang Theory & blogged. Perfection.

Spending time with my cousin-in-laws. My in-laws family is like my own. I love being a part of a big family and learning so much from all of the different personalities. I’m so blessed to be a part of such a loving family and I cherish the time I spend with them.


  1. Elle Spann wrote:

    what’s your favorite talenti? Mine is the sea salt caramel. I keep trying others thinking they will be as good, but that one is always in the back of my head. Best, hands down!


    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 11.17.15
    • Omg, mine is the peanut butter chocolate! I feel the same way! I always want to try a new one, but I love the one I always get!

      Posted 11.17.15

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