As someone who is so not a makeup artist, I wanted to share my method of “baking”. Nope, put the cookies away ladies, this is about makeup. Baking is a method of setting your concealer to feature areas of your face that you want to appear brighter. Think of it as highlighting without the shimmer. When baking you want to use a matte powder. For my skin, I like using the Ben Nye Banana Powder for casual days and the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder when I want to go glam. The Ben Nye has a yellow finish that provides a subtle glow on olive tone skin while the Laura Mercier is compatible for all skin tones as a bright white. Once you have your product, follow these easy steps:

1) Apply all of your base makeup before you attempt to make. Your moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer should already be applied. I also like to go ahead and do my bronzer/blush before baking. Use a damp

2) Use a damp beauty blender (ring it out so there is no water dripping) and carefully shake some loose powder into the lid of your product.

3) Carry a heavy amount of product on your beauty blender and generously apply it to the 6 areas in the photograph above: your forehead (in between eyebrows), below both cheekbones, under eye area, and chin. All you need to do is press the product with the blender directly onto your face. Do not work it into your skin! The product should sit on top as a bright white line of where you applied. Pro-tip: Use the rounded base of the beauty blender for the area below your cheekbones and chin. Opt for the tip of the beauty blender when applying the product to your under eye area and forehead.

4) Be completely comfortable looking like a clown. The more product, the better. Wait for 5-10 minutes. I generally use this time to do the remainder of my eye makeup or my set my hair.

5) Using a medium sized round face brush, carefully brush off the excess powder in a circular motion. You want to make small strokes until the white powder is completely gone.

You should be left with a bright face that highlights your best features! I hope this was helpful, I’ll try to put together a video of how I bake if you guys think that would be helpful. Let me know if you try this method!


  1. Nidhi wrote:

    I’ve never heard of baking, but this seems like an awesome concept! Something to try out this weekend, I would love to see a video of this!
    An Unblurred Lady

    Posted 4.15.16
    • Hey Nidhi!
      Ah, it’s so fun and makes such a difference! I will try to put together a video soon! xox

      Posted 4.18.16

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