Card Suite c/o Shutterfly

I wanted to share the beautiful holiday cards that we sent to our family & friends this year. With the magic of Shutterfly, we were able to create the most beautiful gold leaf gilded cards, colored envelopes, address labels, and even liners. Sahir and I wanted to send out cards last year, but between holiday travels and being so close to the wedding it wasn’t in the cards (man, I am on a roll with these puns!) This year, however, I buckled down and got the cards send out before we left for our trip [more on that soon!] I will say that having dark red envelopes caused quite a controversy with my printer. I wasn’t sure if the dark ink would be readable by the post office. I even checked the mailbox every day after I sent them out just to make sure that 100 envelopes didn’t get returned to me. Luckily, we were all clear. 

It was also important to us to find an option that didn’t just say ‘Merry Christmas!’ on it. While we join in on the spirit of the season, we obtain religiously for obvious reasons. Finding a pretty card option celebrating the general holidays or, in this case, with the word “Joy!” was just perfect. I’m looking forward to doing a small shoot for our cards annually, and who knows maybe we will have a furry addition to the family card next year!

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