Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Blazer   //   Dress   //   Heels   //   Bangle   //   Tank

I have to be honest, I hesitated a lot when creating this post. Usually every Wednesday I share my latest source of inspiration with you all. Whether it's colorful clutches or thrifty jewels - there is always something new to share. This post however, is troublesome because earlier in the year I shared a Wednesday Wishlist: Stripes Edition with you. While the trend is the same, the pieces are entirely different and I believe, this really speaks to what a versatile trend this is. Whether it's during winter woes or summertime sunshine, stripes always work. I actually picked up the maxi dress on the bottom left for myself from Target last week and that was the source of my inspiration. I find myself carrying my Kate Spade tote almost daily and am absolutely obsessed. What can I say, i'm really digging the stripes right now (plus they go great with my NYX wine lipstick!)

What's your latest source of inspiration? Are you into the stripes or more of a dot person?


Monday, April 21, 2014


You guys know that I love simple & sleek looks, and today's All-White is just that. Lately, i've been sticking to the basics a lot: white, black & beige - and then my absolute favorite recent accessory: My NYX Lipstick in "Bruised" number: LSS555. This is me sharing one of my best beauty secrets with you, I love NYX lipsticks. This is not a sponsored post. They are ridiculously affordable (I get mine on eBay or at Ulta) and around $5 a pop. They go on smooth and color lasts for hours afterwards. My favorite way to wear this dark wine color, which is perfect for Olive skin, is with a bright shimmery eye and pale pink blush. Keeping it simple, until the burst of dark lipstick. It's seriously my favorite look right now. Although some might argue that a dark lip it's probably better suited for fall, I'll agree to disagree. You rock that bold lip girl. 


Friday, April 18, 2014

SUNNY SIDE UP: Metallic Sweater + Yellow Pencil Skirt

Happy Friday lovelies, I hope you all had a fantastic week and are looking forward to an even better one ahead. I've got a few things on my plate for the weekend including car shopping (fingers crossed) i've been in need, after my car accident last month. I'm also planning on playing catch up on my Engagement album which I have still not put together and hoping to get started on reading Divergent over the weekend. Have you read the book? Thoughts?What are your weekend plans?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives, and what could be a better remedy to our mid-week blues than this? I could hardly contain myself when I was putting my list together - those earrings are incredible. Which piece is your favorite?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GOT THE BLUES' - Chambray & Boyfriend Blazer

I got so many comments asking me how my braid was so, well, fluffy. It's a subtle difference, but there are three steps for a more dramatic side braid. Step 1) Part your hair on the opposite side of your natural part, if you have a center part (lucky!) just choose the side that feels most unnatural and create a deep side part. Step 2) Braid your hair starting with the group furthest away from your face. This will create that little bang pocket near your face. Step 3) Pull the braid apart, gently. Try flattening pieces of the braid by tugging at the strands. This is the key to a fuller, fluffier braid. Voilà!

What's your favorite beauty trick?


Sunday, April 13, 2014


I figured that the best way to start off the week is with a bit of inspiration. This adorable outfit uses different shades of pink and a sharp black contrast for a soft nighttime look. Best part? It's under $100. Believe it, the weather is getting warmer and it's time to rock those skirts for daytime, and nighttime. 
What's your favorite piece for Spring night life?


Thursday, April 10, 2014


So, I took my own advice and embraced the floral skirt. I guess the thought was in the back of my mind when I got dressed in the morning because when my fiance saw me, he quickly said, "Didn't you just post this on your blog?" uh, one: brownie points for reading my blog daily and two: "No I didn't? Did I? Really?!" After a brief moment of panic, he then reminded me of how this is essentially the outfit that I put together in my "Ditch The Black - Part 2" post. Well, c'est la vie!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Whoa, Wednesday already? Time for my Weekly Wishlist and this week it's all about the clutch. Someone like me who loves a good pop of color is destined to find different way to achieve that look. A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite jewels from eBay, and shoes are also a crowd favorite -- but this week I wanted to share some beautiful & very practical pieces to add some jazz to your outfit. As always, these picks are all under $50. Happy guilt-free shopping!

Which one of the above is your favorite?

White   //   Lime   //   Mint   //   Camel   //   Coral   //   B&W   //   Fuschia   //   Grey   //   Blue

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I hope you all found my first post of my "Ditch The Black" series last week helpful. It seems to me that when we were younger, we were always told "black goes with everything" and as true as that may be, it trained our minds to see black as a filler as opposed to a color in itself. My goal is to help you see your wardrobe differently and provide inspiration for remixing what you already have. 

All of us own a button down, most likely a white and blue pinstripe and when you quickly get dressed for work or school what do you do? Grab the closest black skirt? No. Step away from the black stretchy pencil skirt. Instead, reach for a floral print mid-length skirt. This can be a pencil skirt, skater skirt, even a midi skirt, whatever you already have. Toss on some nude or white peep toe pumps and replace the dull silver jewelry with a spunky bronze necklace and matching gem bracelet. Not only is your outfit fun, but also perfect for spring. 

Are you guilty of "excessive black overdose?" How do you fight the urge?
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Blue Button Down   //   White Pumps   //   Pink Floral Skirt   //   Bronze Necklace   //   Black Pumps   //   Black Skirt   //   Bronze Bracelet

Monday, April 7, 2014


Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was as always far too short and not nearly as productive as I wanted it to be, but all's well that ends well. This dress was a gift from my sweet (future) brother-in-law for Christmas and i've been loving wearing it a few different ways. Shift dresses paired with wedges shift the ensemble from cushy to casual. Try it out!

Tomorrow will be Part 2 of my 'Ditch The Black' series, be sure to keep up and stop by!
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